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Africa tends to be one of the more overlooked continents when it comes to studying the great power competition between the United States and China, where most of the tensions have been concentrated around East and Southeast Asia. This introductory article seeks to analyze the nature of US-China competition in Africa and define what is at stake.


The surge of the latest Omicron variant has re-invigorated the contentious debate of fair vaccine distribution. While there have certainly been efforts to improve lower-income countries’ access to vaccines, Africa remains largely unvaccinated and vulnerable to the pandemic. This article examines the extension of US-China competition into the realm of global health and the potential for cooperation.

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Though the US is not treaty-bound to come to Taiwan’s defense, Taiwan’s strategic, economic, and political importance has led the US to maintain close relations with Taiwan since the Cold War. However, with the continued rise of Chinese regional power in East Asia, what should the US do if there comes a day when it can no longer defend Taiwan with conventional weapons?