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The Onero Institute is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

At the Onero Institute, we are committed to our mission of empowering youth voices in international affairs and bridging the gap between young people and experts in the field. Therefore our young content creators make up the very core of our organization. We strive to support our researchers and contributors as they publish their work, our editors as they elevate content to its highest potential, and our designers as they present information in new and creative ways. In order to ensure that all content creators are given adequate support and can continue driving our mission forward, we are seeking contributions that will enable us to offer them stipends for their valuable work.


The Onero Institute offers a credible, accessible, and free platform for young people to share their work on international affairs and grow professionally. In order to provide such a platform, we need to cover certain necessary upkeep costs. Because we operate primarily online, and are powered mainly by young volunteers, our organizational model incurs fewer operational costs. However, we still need to pay for essentials like our web domain. In addition, we need to offer our design team access to software such as the Adobe Creative Cloud programs, and our events team access to video conferencing software, both of which are crucial to their work. Your contributions would go a long way in supporting this platform.


The Onero Institute consistently provides initiatives and resources for its community and the public, all of which are essential for fulfilling our mission. These include the Foreign Affairs with Future Leaders event series, our Virtual Engagement Program, and the Delta Foreign Affairs Newsletter. In order to produce and continue to improve the quality of our programming, we are hoping to raise additional funds that would go towards inviting high-profile speakers, adding updated features to the Delta, and more. Any support you can offer us would be greatly appreciated, and would enable us to carry out our mission to the fullest extent.